Stras-tracker: Update

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its been 4 more starts since we last checked in on Strasburg's inning count.  Lets see how he is doing:

  • Strasburg is now averaging 6 innings per start.  He is on pace to pitch 18.6 more games.
  • Strasburg is 3-1 on the season, but the team has won all but two of the eight games he started.
Questions (reply in the comments, by email, or via twitter: @dru90, @TheDugsSports):
  1. What happens if Stras makes the all-star team.  Do those innings count against his total?
  2. Does anyone really believe the Nats will shut him down late in the season if the playoffs are staring them in the face?

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