Series Preview: Nationals @ Phillies

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Nat's take the show on the road to face the Phillies in a three game series.  That might be for the best, as the home field (particularly the O's) haven't been kind.  Playing the Phillies it is the only time I prefer being the away team, because who wants to deal with all those Phillies fans around town and in our ball park?  The Phillies are at the bottom of the division and a strong series against them can help the Nats climb back into the drivers seat of the NL East.  Here's how the series breaks down:

  • Monday, 7:05 PM, Gonzalez (5-1) vs Kendrick (0-3).
  • Tuesday, 7:05 PM, Zimmermann (2-4) vs Halladay (4-3).
  • Wednesday, 7:05 PM, Jackson (2-4) vs Hamels (6-1).
The game to watch is going to be Monday.  With Gio going up against Kendrick it is the perfect rebound game for the Nats after losing the series to the Orioles.  Tuesday and Wednesday the big arms for Philly come out, so Zim and E-Jax are going to have to elevate their game and come ready for a pitching dual.

Your sound of the series comes from Washington DC area musician Dave Grohl and his band the Foo Fighters.  I'm willing to go on record and say this Nationals team is not a Pretender.

What if I say I'm not like the others?
With so much young talent, this team isn't a flash in the pan.  They are here to stay.

What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays...You're the pretender
The Nats are no longer a team that the rest of the division can overlook.

What if I say I will never surrender?  
There will always be low points during a baseball season.  Just got to keep moving forward.

Question:  Closer Jim Johnson for the Orioles uses The Pretender for his run in from the bullpen.  What song does H-rod use?  Does he even have an intro song?

*Chien Ming-Wang might return during this series, but he will be pitching out of the bullpen until one of the starters gets hurt or screws up.

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