Philly Friday Invasion

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, May 5, 2012

So Nationals fans actually came out to the park on Friday night.  It was quite the site to see.  Obviously not as great as the Strasburg game, but the stadium was just about filled.  The only problem was the thousands of Philly fans.  The locusts shut up after the pinch hitting Wilson Ramos singled in the game winning run with the bases loaded and 2 outs.

Yes there were some Let's go Phillies chants, but because Nats fans showed up the Philly peeps were too dispersed to get anything going.  After 1 or two chants the boos from Nats fans actually drowned out the cheers.  (Typically the Philly cheers would rise above)

The most annoying part about having a mixed group of fans is that you have no idea what is going on if you are in the bathroom line or have an obstructed view.  There were cheers every play, Nats or Phillies.  And everyone had a damn red shirt on which made it even harder.  (from my seats you couldn't see right center field and there were about 4 plays where I didn't know if it was a home run or an out)

The best/worst Philly fan of the game was just to the right of the bullpen in right center field.  This guy stood up the entire game, started Let's go Phillies chants, and danced every time music came on.  He was good natured though.  No cursing, not getting angry, just having fun.  He was pissing off some other Nats fans who dont' get the "villian fan" bit.  I think it is funny, especially after a win.

One dumbass Nats fan threw a bottle at him and was ejected from the game.  Good work!  You stayed for 10 innings and missed the end of the game.  A second really trashy Nats fan with some home-made trailer park wife-beater tank top was the counter to the Philly guy.  Except this woman was angry, cursing, and throwing middle fingers.  It was funny to watch how angry she got as she screamed across 30 rows of people at the guy.

So basically the point is that the ballpark is so much more fun when it is filled.  It sucks if you are outnumbered but if Nats fans actually show up to a game, the other fans can't really get too crazy.  And a filled ballpark is when you get the great fan moments like the one described above.

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