Phillies Fans Boo Phillies Fan

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, May 10, 2012

The other day we posted several fan reactions to an incident at Nats Park where a Special Olympics athlete yelled "Play Ball!" and (according to reports) Phillies fans were booing him due to his Nationals gear.  No matter what team's clothing he was wearing, this was clearly a terrible act of classlessness.

Well here is an interesting new piece of information, the Special Olympics athlete was actually a Phillies fan.

It seems the Philly fan and Special Olympics Hall of Famer Michael Gaal, wanted to throw out the pitch wearing some Phillies gear, but the Nats wouldn't let him.  (I'm assuming because they didn't want fans to boo...well they did anyway)

From the LeHigh Valley paper The Morning Call:  "There was one caveat: He had to wear a Washington Nationals hat and T-shirt. "They wouldn't do it any other way," his mother Ruth said." 
So while being horrible, terrible, and evil human beings, the Phillies fans that were booing the guy with down syndrome were actually booing one of their own.  Good work Philly fans, keep the stories coming!

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