Nats Drop 2nd To Pirates

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pirates 4, Nationals 2

The Nationals lost to the Pirates 4-2 on Wednesday night in Pittsburgh.  Most DC fans probably missed this one because the Caps game was on, and it was probably a good thing.  The Nationals struck out 11 times and stranded 10 runners.  Only 5 hits.

Detwiler pitched a mediocre game, giving up 3 runs to the Rats, but with the Nats offensive bats 3 runs is way too much.  He better get that number down to 2 or 1 if he doesn't want to lose every start.  The Nats had 3 players bat that are batting under .200.

Andrew McCutchen had 4 of the Pirates 8 hits (4 for 4), one of those a solo shot off of Stammen.  Meanwhile the entire Nationals roster was swinging for the fences.  Awful.

The Pirates like to score 4-5 runs and the Nats like to score 2-3 runs so something better pop up out of nowhere if they want to avoid being swept on the road for the second time this season.

This was the Nats 3rd straight loss.  The Orioles and Nats are trending back downward...

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