Battle of the Beltways: Harper vs Bundy

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, May 27, 2012

Each Sunday we like to take a look at both of the local area teams.  This Sunday we're talking about two young stars who their respective teams hope will become long term pieces of championship rosters.  
Bryce Harper:
19 years old, first round draft pick, "the chosen one".  Since being called up to the majors, this is his stat line:

Its hard to argue Harper wasn't ready for the big leagues.  Since the day he arrived in Washington, Harper has been contributing with his bat, his legs, and his fielding.  There are bound to be growing pains with a kid so young (like a bat-to-the-head), but it is safe to say he is no where near the threshold of his potential.  Getting Morse and Werth back in the lineup will also certainly help with his development.

Dylan Bundy:
19 years old, first round draft pick, "hope for the future".  Since drafting Bundy, this is his stat line from the minors:

There have been rumblings in Baltimore about speeding up Bundy's movement through the minors.  When you see that the kid has 46 strikeout in only 35 innings of work it is hard to argue with those rumbles.  However, the team is smart for taking their time with their number one draft pick.  Bundy has all of the tools to become a stand out major league pitcher, but until he makes his debut in Baltimore fans can only wait and hope.

Harper has proven that he belongs in the majors and it seems like only a matter of time before Bundy will get a chance to do the same.  Before teams have tons of great young talent that makes the future of local baseball extremely bright.  For the sake of discussion, who would you rather have in your organization right now Harper or Bundy?

My take:
I love what Harper has done so far and there is no doubt he is the safer pick at this point.  Still...the thought of a Strasburg-Bundy duo at the top of the Nationals rotation is to frighteningly awesome to pass up.

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