Series Preview: Nationals @ Dodgers

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, April 27, 2012

The Nationals won yet another series against the Padres and are traveling up the west coast to continue on their road trip.  The next three games will be the toughest test the Nat's have faced since...the Mets.  So lets just call this upcoming series the first REAL test the team has faced all year.  We are going to need our starters to keep being great, our offensive to put up runs, and our bull pen to sort of its issues (looking at you T-Clip) if we want to come out on top this series.  Time to make a statement guys.

  • Friday: 10:10 PM, Detwiler (2-0) vs Kershaw (1-0)
  • Saturday: 9:10 PM, Strasburg (2-0) vs Billingsley (2-1)
  • Sunday: 4:10 PM, Gonzalez (2-0) vs Capuano (2-0)

Normally when I pick my game of the series I try to look at the pitching matchups and think about the other baseball related factors.  If I was going with that strategy for this series I'd probably tell you all to watch Saturday night.  However, my pick for the Must-See game for this series is Sunday.  Basically, this game is the only one out of the bunch with a reasonable start time for us East-coasters.  Sure, it wont be Strasburg, but with the way Gio has been performing this season odds are we will be treated to a good show.

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