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DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, April 13, 2012


Tyler Clippard is pretty reliable as the 8th inning guy but I'm not sure what to think when it comes to the closer slot.  With the news that Drew Storen will be out for a long long time we are going to have to live with the unpredictability of Brad Lidge and Henry Rodriguez.

Lidge's first save came on opening day and he would have blown it if not for the insane wind keeping a Cubs drive to right field in the ballpark.  In his next save attempt on home opening day he blew the save.

I'm not sure either guy will emerge as the #1 closer and we may have half a season of closer by committee.


The news on Mikey Morse is that he won't be back for over a month, maybe 2.  That is not good news because the Nationals haven't exactly been driving in runs.  The Nats have lucked out with Adam LaRoche who seems to be back to his old form and along with Ian Desmond the two have been carrying the Nats.  The Nats need that 30 HR potential in the lineup.


Rick Ankiel will be returning to start in center field tomorrow.  Ankiel played in 7 rehab games in A and AA and he hit 3 homers.  Hopefully he can step right in and beef up the centerfield position in the lineup.  He is a little upgrade on Bernadina who has only 3 hits in 24 at bats (.175) this season.  

It would appear that Brett Carroll will be sent down because Davy hasn't used him much at all (1 AB).  He was pinch running, but I think Lombardozzi who has been used as a pinch hitter/late inning utility fielder may be more valuable right now.


The Chosen One is only batting .222 up in Syracuse and he has yet to hit a home run in 27 at bats. I'm not sure they move him up to the big team right on the day that they are allowed to, they may want him to get some more AAA at bats.

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