Battle of the Beltway (Opening Day Version)

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, April 6, 2012

This is a little preview of something that I hope to do on a weekly basis.  Each week I’m going to try and review how the Nat’s and O’s did, point out which players played the best and worst, and say which team I think had the best week.  As the season goes on I’ll try to come up with pictures and graphics to make it more interesting to look at so bare with me!  I’ll also keep a running total of which team wins each week and which players win the MVPs or Woefuls.  Show me I made the right choice by switching teams Nationals!

O’s: 1-0. The Orioles won their opening day game.  They looked in control all game long behind a strong start from Jake Arrieta and jumped out to a 4-0 lead.  In the 9th the Twins managed to get the lead down to two runs, but Jim Johnson came in to close things out.
Nat’s: 1-0.  The Nationals wont their opening day game as well.  They were kept in the ball game by a strong outing from Strasburg and managed to rally from one run down, thanks in large part to a great game by Ian Desmond.   Brad Lidge looked a bit shaky, but was able to close things out in the 9th.
O’s MVP:  Everyone knows the major problem with the O’s is their starting pitching.  That is why the Opening Day MVP goes to Jake Arrieta who pitched 7 strong innings.  He gave up no runs on 2 hits and got the win.
Nat’s MVP:  The Nationals won their Opening Day game thanks to new Nat Ian Desmond.  Desmond had 3 hits, scored a run, drove in a run, and made several nice plays in the field.  He was clearly the best Nat in the field. 

Woeful O:  Troy Patton came into the game in the 9th to finish up the game.  He got one out, walked a batter, and gave up a two run homer.  Then Jim Johnson had to come in to close out the game and clean up his mess.  Patton was a reminder today that pitching is still a major concern for the O’s.
Woeful Nat:  Adam LaRoche struck out 3 times, walked once, and didn’t score any runs.  While everyone is going to have days where they struggle at the plate we hope LaRoche doesn’t have too many, especially with Morse on the DL.

Winner is:  Nationals.  Honestly, it is hard to pick a winner base of one game, especially the first game of the season.  Each team got a win and looked strong throughout the day. However, the O’s showed signs of a weak bullpen by letting the Twins make it close in the 9th, where as the Nat’s showed they have what it takes to come from behind and win a close game late.  For that reason the Nats get the win for Opening Day.

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