Seven Standing Ovations At Nats Park Last Night

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Washington Nationals are (as FP would say) "on some kind of" roll right now and fans are pumped up. The Nattys clinched the NL East Division Title on the road at the end of last week and just returned home to DC on Sunday night. Some Nats fans were so excited they ambushed the team when they arrived home from the airport.

The rest of us, who were crying after a Redskins loss, had to wait until Tuesday night's game to show the team our support. And boy was everyone excited for the first game back since clinching the division. I mean, just check out the SEVEN standing ovations that were given to the NL East Champs.

Ovation #1:  Fans Applaud A Denard Span Diving Catch early in the game. Span has been making catches like that all season and the fans appreciate it. Spanning...

Ovation #2: Fans demand a curtain call after an Adam LaRoche 3 run lead taking homerun. Fans know that LaRoche may not be here next year, so they want to show him lots of love before he goes.

Ovation #3: Tanner Roark exits the game with the lead in the 7th after giving up 5 hits and 2 runs before his career high 15th win of the season. It was a good performance, but the fans were really cheering for him for unexpectedly helping this team get into the playoffs.

Ovation #4: Ryan Zimmerman enters the game as a pinch hitter, his first at bat at Nats Park since July 20th. Needless to say the crowd was excited to see him again back just in time to help for the World Series push.

Ovation #5: One play before, Bryce Harper missed a seemingly simple fly ball after his glove hit the wall for what was first called a 3 base error (later changed to a hit). The play left a runner on third base in a close 4-2 game. The very next batter Harper made up for it by making a semi-tough running catch and firing a throw home to keep the runner at 3rd. The crowd appreciated the make-up play.

Ovation #6: Tyler Clippard closes out the 8th inning with a strikeout. The K meant that the runner that was on third (from Bryce Harper's play and ovation #5) didn't score, and the Nats escaped the inning.

Ovation #7: Drew Storen closes out the game for his 9th save (10th overall) in as many tries since becoming the Nats closer just 17 days before.

If you thought that was a lot of ovations, just wait until October...

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