Fans Impress In Final Weekend Of The Season

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nationals fans came out in droves for the "meaningless" final few games of the 2014 Washington Nationals season. And like Nats fans often do, they came out dressed up, with clever signs, and ready to go crazy for the upcoming playoffs.

Here are some of the top scenes from this weekend's games:

Jayson Werth Garden Gnome 'Merica!

The guy FP called the "Wolverine Gnome". He took a little nap during the game.

Little Bryce Harper fan with a rainbow tutu:

And another gnome on the shoulder. Good gnome or bad gnome?

This fan becomes a home plate umpire with the huge strike call. Unfortunately it was a ball:

Gnome Attack:

Harper Fireman

Teddy shows up to the big Nats fan social media gathering:

Bob & FP need rings I guess:

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