The Adventures Of Bob & FP Behind The Plate

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, August 21, 2014

During Wednesday night's Washington Nationals vs Arizona Diamondbacks game, Nats TV announcers Bob Carpenter & FP Santangelo moved from their usual positions high above the field in the announcers booth to a nice cushy seat in the first row of the Presidents Club just to the left of home plate.

Well of course this led to some are a few pictures and quotes:

FP talked about the good old days when he used to sit close to the field. Bob doesn't get the joke, then all of a sudden gets it, and tells us.

Then a chef came out to deliver the guys some President's Club gourmet ballpark food:

Bob appeared to be amazed at the sight of some Pretzels, but we all know he was hoping for hot dogs and pizza. FP chimed in with his take:

Teddy later joined the broadcast and FP asked him how it felt to crush the Pittsburgh Hot Pocket (Watch It). (The next game FP revealed that Teddy has a huge B.O. problem).

It was a cool idea to have the guys down there, but Thursday they were back in the booth.

"I was feeling the heat down there", FP said about sitting down low. He said it would have been his fault if the Nats lost because they changed seats during a streak.

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