One American Dollar Will Get You Last Year's Best Team In Baseball

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 15, 2013

The Washington Nationals have already had some pretty good promotions this season.  Buy one get one free Hot Dogs, $5 Beer & Peanuts, Gio Gonzalez Bobbleheads.  And now, things just got a whole lot cheaper.  The Nats are returning with a great special from last season for certain games on Monday & Tuesday Nights.

Monday night is the return of Dollar Mondays.  For just one measly dollar (sort of) you can get tickets, hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn!  That means if you have 10 bucks in your pocket you can spend a gluttonous night at the ballpark!


Just don't forget to bring your 1 liter of closed bottled water, as obviously the idea is to get you to throw down $ for a soda.  You CAN be as cheap as me!

The first dollar Monday is coming up on April 22nd against the Cardinals.  Apparently the $1 tickets are sold out, but you can still hit up the ballpark for the food specials.

Then on Tuesdays it is just $2 for a ticket.  The first game is the day after Dollar Monday on April 23rd against the Cardinals.  As of this article, those tickets were still available.

Not bad promotions considering the Nats were the top team in baseball last season.

Buy Tix Here (no I'm not profiting, I just like cheap stuff)

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