Wale Has Natitude, Celebrates Gio Gonzalez Birthday With The Nats & John Wall

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, September 20, 2012

After a late night tweet from Wale, and a confirming tweet from 93.9 DJ Quicksilva, it appears that Wale, John Wall, and lots of Washington Nationals players (or "the whole nationals team") were at Club Josephine in DC to celebrate Gio Gonzalez Birthday...or it just happened to be his birthday.  Although Wall was probably there because it was a random Wednesday night.

Someone also tweeted that Steve Francis was there too and another tweet said the Redskins & Dodgers team too. (kids password phone game anyone? very reliable)  So nice to be awake at 4am...

(BOA is Wale's Marketing Team)

Fun Times!  Josephine was hosting a "Welcome to DC Party" in honor of the 42nd Congressional Black Caucas Annual Legislative Conference, but perhaps a lot of people were celebrating Gio's birthday?  (No word if Angela Rypien was there)

Note:  Gio Gonzalez name was never mentioned as actually being there technically.  No word on specific Nats. Most likely they showed up for a minute and went home because that is what I assume they do.

Was Davey Johnson there?  Was he dancing like this?

DC Athletes Love Birthdays & Clubs

Oh did I say I meant DC Athletes...I meant John Wall...

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