Gio Gonzalez Thrown Out Of Game By Umpire

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home plate umpire Todd Tichenor was giving the benefit of the doubt of close calls to the away, 20+ games out of first Marlins, and the Washington Nationals took exception.  Ross Detwiler was getting squeezed out of some strike calls and the Marlins hit a couple first inning homers.

Detwiler was perturbed on the mound, but Gio Gonzalez was really fired up in the dugout.  He was jawing with the umpire who proceeded to throw Gio out of the game...well out of the dugout.  Gio screamed a few things back post ejection as Davey pushed him towards the locker room.

Later in the inning, Nationals pitching coach Steve McCatty came out to "talk to Detwiler".  He stood on the mound looking over his shoulder waiting for the ump to break up the meeting so he could have a few words.

McCatty got some good comments in and even continued to bark at the ump on the way to the dugout as the ump made hand gestures.  Sean Burnett was not feelin it.  Moving images after the jump.

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