$2 Tickets For A First Place Team, And A Town Still Learning

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As of today before games begin, the Washington Nationals have the best record in baseball.  Not just the NL East, not just in the National League, but in ALL OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. So why are the Nationals begging fans to attend games?

When I got an email from the Orioles (My A-Hole friend signed me up), a team only 1 game out of first place, offering $4 tickets I kind of laughed.  I mean that team hasn't had  meaningful baseball in years and they can't get people to go to September games?

Then it was brought to my attention that these tickets are actually MORE EXPENSIVE than tickets to the first place Nationals.  And I KNOW that the city of DC has NEVER known anything about September baseball.  CAPS!

Thanks to PM Natitude For Bringing to My Attention - Read Their Blog, It's Good & It's Nats!

For fans in DC, each year September is usually the point where the team "gives up", brings up young players, and lets them get a month of Major League experience under their belts.  The team is typically long gone from playoff contention and there isn't much to cheer about.

So why can I get a $2 ticket and 2 for 1 sodas in a September game this year?  Is it because it is Tuesday?  Is it because the Cubs stink?  Is it because the team is TOO FAR ahead in the division?  Or is it that this area just doesn't have as strong a baseball presence as New York, Philly, Boston, or Chicago?

I don't think you are getting $2 seats at Yankee Stadium (worse record than the Nationals).  Or how about last year in Philly.  You think you were getting anywhere near the stadium for 2 bucks?

In fairness to the city, baseball has only been "here" since 2005.  There are 2 teams within an hour of each other and populations theoretically split between 2 teams.  But come on people.  I've seen that stadium filled before.  (although that is more people wanting to brag about "I was there when..." instead of to be there to root on the team)

In the past week during some games against the Cardinals that should have had a playoff feel, Nats Park was relatively dead.  There were a lot more people than in the past but the people were pretty quiet.  They were doing the wave, they were chatting, and they were not doing anything during important 2 strike pitches.  Maybe the Cardinals fans can give Nats fans baseball lessons?

If you are reading this in your office thinking "no we dont, we show up!"  Take a look at the people in the cubes around you.  Will those people be watching the Nats tonight let alone attending a game?  In Philadelphia they would be (watching the Phillies).

People keep saying "Winning Cures All".  But that is not said in a context of time.  As you can see with $2 tickets, winning does not cure all.  However, hopefully for the city and the team, consistent winning will cure all.  Not just cure it, but turn this city into a baseball city. (see Washington Capitals history)

My hope is that in 10 years these $2 ticket promotions are looked back upon by a more distinguished baseball fan base and mocked.  "Can you believe people didn't used to go to important games?"  I'm hoping that 2 strikes in a game before the final batter becomes important.  I'm hoping that the Wave dies in a car fire.  I'm hoping that this city learns.

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