Series Preview: Nationals @ Diamondbacks

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, August 10, 2012

After sweeping the Lastros, the Nationals look to continue their successful road trip in Arizona against the Diamondbacks.  That means more weird start times as the Nats head either further west.  The D-backs are over .500 and still in the hunt for a playoff spot, so they should prove to be a better challenge than the Astros were.  Here is how the series stacks up.
  • Friday: 9:40 PM, Strasburg (12-5) vs Cahill (9-9).
  • Saturday: 8:10 PM, Jackson (6-7) vs Miley (12-7).
  • Sunday: 4:10 PM,  Detwiler (6-4) vs Corbin (3-4).
Game of the Series: Sunday.  Picking Sunday because it has the most reasonable start time and should be the closest of the three games.

Sound of the Series: Jimmy Eat World.  They are probably the only band I know from Arizona.
Prediction Time:
Putting my baseball knowledge to the test to say what the outcome of each game is going to be.  Sometimes I even get it right! Comment here or on twitter @Dru90.
  • Nationals WIN Friday.
  • Nationals LOSE Saturday.
  • Nationals WIN Sunday.
Nationals WIN the series 2-1.

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