Series Preview: Nationals @ Astros

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, August 6, 2012

It seems like 4 game series are becoming the norm for the Nats as they hit the road for 4 games against the Astros.  Here is how the series stacks up:
  • Monday: 8:05 PM, Jackson (6-7) vs Keuchel (1-4).
  • Tuesday: 8:05 PM, Detwiler (6-4) vs Lyles (2-8).
  • Wednesday: 8:05 PM, Gonzalez (13-6) vs Galarraga (0-1).
  • Thursday: 8:05 PM, Zimmermann (8-6) vs  Harrell (9-7).
Game of the Series: Thursday.  Zimmermann vs Harrell is a showdown between the best pitchers each team has to offer.  Should be a good one.

Sound of the Series: Run To The Hills.  This song gets me pumped up, so why not? 

Prediction Time:
My baseball knowledge is put to the test as I predict how the series is going to go.  Tell me how wrong you think I am in the comments or on Twitter @dru90.

  • Nationals WIN Monday.
  • Nationals WIN Tuesday.
  • Nationals WIN Wednesday.
  • Nationals LOSE Thursday.
Nationals WIN the series 3-1.

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