PTI Files: Wilbon Kills Bryce Harper

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the Oddsmakers game on PTI, Mike Wilbon & J.A. Adande were asked what were the chances that Bryce Harper would win the NL Rookie of the year.  Some quotes from Wilbon:

"My question is, why would you give the Rookie Of The Year Award to a guy hitting under .250?  A guy with the lowest OPS of anybody in baseball since the break..."

Wilbon makes some good points, but here comes the crusher!

"...Under .250, Rookie Of The Year?  Really?  I'm gonna say a 5% Chance cuz there are some knucklehead baseball writers out there that will vote for him." 

JA Adande gave him 60% chance because the writers pick, and writers will like the 19 year old storyline, and the Nats are in the playoffs.  "So his hits matter more than some of these other guys hits..."  Wilbon Interupts:

"What Hits? He hasn't had any hits since the break"

Bryce Harper just got Killbon'd!  Mike ain't lyin though...

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