PTI Files: Bernadina's Catch & Stros vs Nats

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, August 10, 2012

On Wednesday's episode of PTI the guys discussed Roger Bernadina's catch in a game called What's the word, where the guys come up with words, real or fake, to describe certain plays.

Tony Kornheiser: "Copperfieldian" (the magician)

"because he disappeared when he was making this catch

Mike Wilbon: "Non-Existent" (because there is no baseball talk in England) and "Party-Pooping"


On Thursday's episode of PTI the guys played a game called Oddsmakers where they put a percentage on certain situations.  This time it was the following:

Chances the Astros Beat The Nationals On Thursday Night?

Mike Wilbon 60%

Dan LeBetard 55%

Just in case you didn't see the result of the game, the Nats won the game 100% 5-0.

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