Nat's Good Luck Charm?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Luck Charm?

Alright, so this isn't really a fan post since I write regularly.  However, with my new job and it's odd schedule recently I haven't been able to keep up as closely with the Nationals as I had been.

This season began when I decided to switch my team loyalties from the Baltimore Orioles over to the Washington Nationals.  It was a decision brought about by years of disappointment delivered by the team in orange. 

For awhile there I was getting nervous.  The Nats were doing great, but the O's were also in first place in their division.  Would the season I finally stopped supporting the Orioles be the season they finally ended up winning the division?  Well, with over half the season in the books it appears that shifting my loyalty to the Nationals was the safer bet.

I'm not going to lie, there was quite a bit of bragging to my friends during the first half of the season.  I was living and breathing Nationals baseball and that was the reason the Nationals were doing so well.  Sure they had great players, but they also finally had MY full dedication as a fan.  I was the good luck charm.

Looking at the first half of my first season, the Nationals were an impressive 49-34.  They had a winning percentage of .590, and I was taking full credit for it.

Well, shockingly, it seems my level of dedication may not have had anything to do with the teams winning ways...

I started my new job on July 16th.  That's when my focus stopped being 100% on the Nats.  Sure I check the box scores every night and catch games when I can, but it wasn't at the same level of dedication.

I knew the Nats were still doing good, but surely they couldn't be maintaining their blistering 1st half pace.  Well it was right.  They haven't maintained their pace, they surpassed it.

Since July 16th, the Nationals have played 27 games and won 18 of them.  That gives them a winning percentage of .667 since I have stopped being able to follow the team every waking second.

I'm making a resolution to rededicate myself to Nationals baseball... but if things start going south I might have to face the fact that maybe I'm actually a bad luck charm.

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