Kurt Suzuki & His Father, A Heartwarming Story

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, August 3, 2012

Kurt Suzuki was traded to the Washington Nationals today, and he looks to be the starting catcher for the remainder of the season.  But baseball is just one part of Suzuki's life.

The MLB did an article earlier this season about Kurt Suzuki, his family, and his father Warren who lives in Hawaii and has cancer.  It is a very touching story and all Nationals fans and baseball fans alike should read it.  An excerpt:
So, too, is Warren's unwavering outlook on life, despite the bad hand dealt his way back in 2007. He learned he had kidney cancer and had to relay the information to Kurt and his daughter, Keri Ann, over the phone. (Read The Article)
You can also watch this piece from Comcast:

Right after getting over his kidney cancer, Warren was hit with prostate cancer which he still has.  To raise awareness, Kurt Suzuki and his wife Renee started the Kurt Suzuki Family Foundation.  The mission is to support scientific research and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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According to the article, the Oakland Athletics had a special Kidney Disease Awareness Day where they donated portions of certain ticket sales to the foundation as well as raised money through gameday auctions and shirt sales (see image).

Hopefully, the Washington Nationals can help the foundation in a similar way.

Suzuki may have been traded to the Nats today, but there are always things more important than sports.

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