Weekly Fan Poll: Ian Desmond & The DL

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Week's Question:  What did you want to happen with the closer situation for the Nats?

Results:  Tyler Clippard had a really rough week, and Drew Storen came back to the team.  As the week went on, people may have wanted to change their votes.  37% wanted to stick with Tyler Clippard and only 14% wanted to throw Storen right back in.  However, almost 30% wanted to slowly phase Storen back into his role, and 18% wanted a closer by committee.  
This Week's Question:  Who is to blame for Ian Desmond going on the DL?

Ian Desmond started complaining about his injured oblique even before the All-Star break.  The injury caused him to miss the All-Star game, but Dezzy came back to the Nats after the break and attempted to play.  He was clearly injured and looked like he couldn't swing the bat.  

In the series last week against the Mets, Desmond was given some rest, but two nights in a row he was put in towards the end of the game instead of held out.  The guy has heart and he doesn't want to sit out.  But now he will be sitting out for weeks.  So...who's fault was it?

Who is to blame for Ian Desmond going on the DL?

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