We Are Young: Bryce Harper & Ian Desmond

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baseball analysis from a 16 year old girl ranging from actual statistical analysis to opinions on topics concerning the Nationals to how dreamy certain players may or may not be.  You never know what you are going to get.  Written by Sandra (@NatsGirl19)

So we all know by now that Bryce Harper is in the All Star Game. As a Bryce Lover you can imagine I was extremely excited about this the news that Desmond had to be pulled out of the game on account of his oblique strain was a mini-dagger. I suppose good news must always be laced with bad news.

Since the beginning of the All Star voting began shortly after Bryce's call up, I voted for him nonstop (until I reached the limit, that is). I even created a few extra email addresses just to help give that extra push. When I watched the All Star Selection show, I was somewhat dissapointed to see that Espinosa and Zimmerman didn't make it, but that was probably because I have really high expectations, but especially Bryce who I had voted for so many times.

Anyway, Bryce Harper ended up making it in, which is one of the most exciting things ever (apparently) because everyone is freaking out about it.  ESPN/SportsCenter are constantly talking about it, and it's all over the Internet.

But what I have a problem with is the fact that EVERYONE makes such a huge deal about him being nineteen years old. I mean, seriously, I get it, he's a nineteen and he's a great player and he's in the All Star Game.  I'm 16 and I counsel young people on physical fitness.  NBD!

Now back to Ian Desmond.  Last month Davey said Desi was in some discomfort. They said he might take a few days off. Nope...he played and didn't even get looked at by doctors!

That made his decision to skip the All-Star game that much less of a surprise, but it made the decision to not rest him sooner loom larger.  If he needed some time to heal, why didn't Davy give him that time.  It could come back to bite the Nats on the butt.  Hopefully, the All-Star break will provide that healing-time.

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