Vote For Orioles? No Chance. Vote For Nats? No Chance.

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) (Owned by both teams) has an interesting idea for getting local players voted into the All-Star game.  They want Washington Nationals fans to team up with Baltimore Orioles fans in order to help the other team's cause.  They are dubbing it "The Beltway Ballot" as in if you vote for President Harper, you also vote for Vice-President Hammel.

Two Opposite Parties?

Well Earth to MASN, I don't think you are thinking straight.  I don't think that the 'beltway teams' are one big happy family.  This isn't one ballot.  This is an American and a National.  A Democrat and a Republican.  A Washingtonian and a Baltimorian.  The two do not belong on the same ballot.

One Sided?

First of all, this is not a 2 sided idea.  The Nationals don't need help from Orioles fans to get Bryce Harper voted into the game.  Harper is one of the biggest names in baseball, and the All-Star vote is a popularity contest.  Bryce Harper is a national story, a national player.  Q-Rating = Votes.  Having a few people that are fans from a team an hour away N.E. Votes.  Throw performance out the window.

The NL vote is going to come down to Chipper Jones and Bryce Harper, and with Matt Kemp out of action with an injury, both players can conceivably end up on the roster.

The Orioles are the ones who are going to need the help from the Nats fans.  People outside of Baltimore or Colorado are unlikely to have ever heard of Jason Hammel.  Maybe if dyslexic Phillies fans think they are voting for Cole Hamels he will get some votes.  But other than that, Nats-only fans aren't going to vote for an Oriole because they are a "family".  They will do it for other reasons maybe.

The AL vote is going to come down to Yu Darvish vs Jake Peavy.  It isn't necessarily fair, but it is a popularity contest.  Jason Hammel will be left out.

Why Would Either Fanbase?

I'm wondering why Orioles fans would want to help out the Nationals.  I don't see what is in it for them.  Do they want to help out a team that came into town and stole many of their fans away.  Maybe to stick it to Peter Angelos.

And why would Nats fans vote for the O's.  If they were true Orioles fans they wouldn't have jumped ship as soon as a team came to DC.  If they weren't Orioles fans then they probably could care less what happens to a random organization that happens to be nearby.

Do Dual Fans Exist?

Yes.  There are plenty of people who like both of the teams.  These people are the ones who would vote for Jason Hammel and Bryce Harper...without MASN needing to prompt them to.  That is why this idea is so stupid.  MASN is asking the NON dual fans to vote.  You may as well ask Mets fans to vote for Yankee players.  It will never happen.


So get the Orioles announcers out of the booth during interleague play.  Get the Nationals announcers out of the booth during interleague play.  Fans from DC will drive up to B-More to watch games anyway.  Fans from Baltimore will drive down to DC to watch games anyway.  Stop trying to make 2 opposites attract.  Stop trying to create a "family".

Nats fans vote for Nats.  Orioles fans vote for Orioles.  We'll come to your city, you come to our city, we will all have fun.  But will will all root for our respective teams.   MASN should know better...

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