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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With the All Star break in the rearview mirror we are starting back up with the player pick'em challenge.  It will run during the until the end of the Braves series (7/22).  Here is the slate of choices:
  • Jordan Zimmermann (Dru):  He has had great stuff all season along with some bad luck.  Well his luck is going to change this coming week with 2 starts on the schedule.  
    •  @Yop1963
  • Danny Espinosa (Chris):  Espy has been hitting well.  I am picking him because the way he is running around the bases.  A stupid way to choose, but whatever.  I do what I want.
    • @meganreio
  • Jesus Flores (Cammy):  Cammy is picking Jesssssssus this week because he shares a number with Washington Capitals forward Matt Hendricks.  He is like her favorite or something.
    • @natsgirl19
  • The Field:  All other players.  A Decent bet, unless we are really smart.
    • @turtlezoot
    • @SCviaDC
So tweet @TheDugsSports with your choice for the week.  If you haven't played before, don't worry, you can catch up.

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