Here's Looking at You, Zimm

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jordan Zimmerman is making his eighteenth start of the season later today.  His record is only .500 (6-6), but Davey chose to slot Zimmerman at the head of his rotation for the second half of the season.  Sure, mainly that was so Gio and Strasburg could rest after the All Star Game.  It also kept Jordan on his 5 day schedule.  However, it might also be because J-zimm has been showing top of the rotation stuff all season...

First let's take a look at some numbers.  The following is a random list of all the major pitching stats for the National's five starters.  They are displayed without names or win-lose record.  Who would YOU pick as the ace of your staff?

Unless you were super enamored with strikeouts, the logically choice would be the pitcher with the best ERA, lowest walks surrendered, and most innings pitched for the team.  That pitcher would be line #3:

That pitcher's name is Jordan Zimmermann.

When talking about pitching performance it is hard to get past win-loss records.  It is also very tempting to lean on "glamor" stats like strikeouts when deciding how valuable a pitcher is to his team.  In fact, it is those two categories that sent Gio and Strasburg to the All Star Game and let Jordan back in Washington.

This isn't to lessen Strasburg or Gio's value to the team.  The Nat's wouldn't be where they are today without both of those guys in the rotation.  Their on the field performance combined with off the field leadership and intangibles both guys bring to the club cannot be highlighted enough. have a lot less opportunities to make mistakes in the field when your pitcher is striking everyone out.

If you're a die hard Nat's fan you don't need to be told how good Jordan Zimmermann is.  In fact, you've probably told anyone who would listen about what rotten luck he is having this season.  Zimmermann's place a top the rotation is, at least in part, based on his performance.  He hasn't gone less than 6 innings in any of his 18 starts this season and he has turned in 16 quality starts, a league leading number.

So here's looking at you Zimm.  People outside of Nat's nation might not know your name.  They might not give you the recognition you deserve since you pitch with Gio and Strasburg.  Let's not forget it's an absolute crime that you only have a .500 record on the season.

But that's okay.

Nat's fans like keeping you a hidden secret.  An ace in the hole.  Sure Strasburg might be shutting down, but J-zimm is here to stay...and that might be all we need.

Hopefully the odds are in you're favor tonight Zimm as you pitch to break into a winning record!

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