Fan Poll: Harper vs Chipper

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 2, 2012

Last week's question:  Should Ryan Zimmerman go to the DL?

Majority Answer:  Split:  The results to this topic changed quickly after Zimmerman took a cortisone shot and started killing the ball and driving guys in.  People seemed to be open to Zimmerman hitting the DL if it meant he would come back strong, but the shot changed everything.


The main topic of this week will be the All-Star game.  People are talking, and specifically are interested in the "Final Vote" thing that MLB is doing.  On the National League side, Bryce Harper looked like he would be a lock to be the fan vote.  However, MLB threw a curveball and put Chipper Jones on the ballot.

While lots of people love Bryce Harper, a lot of people hate him as well.  Plus this is Chipper Jones' final season in the Majors and a lot of people want him on the roster as a "farewell" to baseball.

I think that both guys will end up on the roster, if not voted, then as an injury-replacement.  But who do you think will win the fan vote.  A new "chosen one" with a lot of fans and enemies, or a multiple time all-star in Chipper?

Remember the question is WILL Harper win, not SHOULD he...

Will Bryce Harper Beat Chipper?

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