Series Preview: Nationals @ Braves

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, June 29, 2012

Here we go again.  Another series against the Braves, another battle for first place in the NL East.  This time we enjoy a 3.5 game lead over them, but it would sure be nice to win some more breathing room over the next three games.  Here is how it stacks up:
  • Friday: 7:35 PM, Detwiler (4-3) vs Delgado (4-8).
  • Saturday: 4:05 PM, Strasburg (9-2) vs Minor (3-6).
  • Sunday: 1:35 PM, Gonzalez (10-3) vs Hudson (6-3).
Game of the Series:  Sunday.  Gonzalez vs Hundson.  This is not the Tim Hudson we roughed up last time out, he has really turned his season around and this series will likely come down to who out pitches who in this game.

Sound of the Series:  Comes from Breaking Benjamin this week.  Seems like every other series we are fighting for our first place lives, but here we are still atop the division.  Blow Me Away.

They fall in line, One at a time, Ready to Play.
Everyone is lining up to take shots at dethroning us this season.  We get everyone's A-game.

(I can't see them anyway), No time to lose, We've got to move.
No need to worry about anyone else if we play the way we are capable of.

Only the strongest will survive.
That's going to be us.

Prediction Time:
Putting my reputation as a "baseball guy" on the line by predicting the outcomes of each series.  Feel free to yell at me in the comments or on twitter @dru90. 
  • Nationals WIN Friday.
  • Nationals WIN Saturday.
  • Nationals WIN Sunday.
The Nationals SWEEP the Series 3-0.

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