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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Here at the Nexus we decided to start up a friendly competition to see who really knows Nats.  To find out each week we are going predict a player who will have an MVP-type week and then go head-to-head.  Please leave your thoughts about how dumb we are in comments.


I'm going with Steve "the Lambo" Lombardozzi.  He is rapidly becoming my favorite player on the team this season.  He's quick and plays solid defense, but the real reason I love him is the fact that he NEVER strikes out.  Seriously, he has 110 at bats this season and has only struck out 7 times.  That's ridiculous.  With his first major-league homer run out of the way, I think he is poised for a big week.  Playing the Met's top pitchers is going to make hits hard to come by, but I think if anyone on the team has a chance to consistently hit against them it's Lombo.  I don't see Boston being able to slow him down either in the weeks second series.


Dru stole the Lombard Yard from me so I'm going with Tyler Clippard.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to pick a pitcher, but I think the series with the Mets & Sox is going to be a close one.  This is a risky pick as Lidge could possibly return over the weekend.

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