Pinecone's In Baseball Gloves?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, June 21, 2012

Camilla is a 15 year old hockey fan that is new to baseball...I feel like baseball needs more young female fans so I'm forcing her to write.  But she needs help & encouragement from Nats fans to learn about the game so she can enjoy the National Pastime for the next 85 years of her life...So give her a hand and comment on the post or Tweet her up at @camcoco10...

Last nights Nats game against the Tampa Bay Lightning was pretty interesting. A player got ejected for having a pinecone in his glove, the Lightning stalk the Nats as much as they do the Yankee's, the color commentators sing lullabyes to each other, and Nats pitcher Wangster isn't a good starting pitcher.

First, you should all be proud of me for suffering my freezing cold basement to watch the Nats game. Luckily, I had my trusty red fleece and a bucket of ice cream to help stave off the cold. As I watched the game move forward, I actually knew what was going on! I saw a double play unfold and my dad didn't even have to tell me what it was. I'm quite the baseball efficianado, guys!

So, if a starting pitcher gives up a run or two in the first 5 innings, he's doing ok. Right? What I picked up with my developing baseball radar was that Wangster wasn't doing a very good job pitching because a lot of guys got on base and as a result, got goals-ha, runs.

Fast forward to tonight, I kinda only watched the 8th and 9th inning due to flute practice and the necessary act of making mac'n'cheese. But I only watched 7 innings yesterday so I technically watched the whole game, right?

anywho, I saw Clippard who looks adorkable with his glasses (glasses buddies!) throwing some zingers. I actually got into the game and was pretty excited to see him get the third strike on el pudgo. But after he pitched that awesomesocks ball I don't know the name of, no one came out and hugged him!

There were no hugs, head rubs, nothing! I don't understand, why don't they hug in baseball? Like, hello! Y'all won a ball game! Where are the hugs and rubs? Please, explain the lack of love.

Question time!

1. How many starters, middle dudes, and closers are on each team/the Nats?
2. Why do the Nats color commentators sing each other lullabyes? Is that a routine thing in baseball?
3. What are the names of all the pitches?
4. When the Catcher is flashing his fingers, he's sending signals for balls, right? Do the signals differ for each team?
5. What's the deal with the pinecone? Why is that bad and stuff?
6. What's the most difficult position to play in baseball?


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  1. 5. The pinecone was in the guys glove to give it a nice foresty smell. It's bad, though, because it can stab the pitchers palm, making it painful to catch the ball back from the catcher. MLB doesn't want pitchers getting stabbed, so they made it illegal. Some guys, like Joel Peralta, just really, really like the foresty smell, though.

  2. 3. Some basic pitches: Fastball, Changeup, Curve Ball, Sinker, Slider, Knuckleball.

  3. Some of those sound vaguely familiar from my days as a Wii baseball player.