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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This morning the Junkees from 106.7 The Fan had 2 good Nats segments.  During the first they talked Nationals and the All-Star Game.  You can listen to the first segment below:

  • Gio & Strasburg are LOCKS for the All-Star game
  • Clippard should have been closing weeks before he did
  • Clip won't be an all star because of the above
  • Bryce Harper will make the all-star team as a fan final vote
  • Edwin Jackson an all-star
  • Bryce Harper will make the all-star team outright
The Junkees are the ones selling the Cised 4 Bryce shirts that you have seen at the ballpark.  $15 bucks, not terrible.  Too white for me, I'd spill nachos on that within 1 inning.

Buy the Shirt Here If You So Desire...

Note to ESPN 980:  We'll start linking stuff for your station when you stop talking Orioles and start letting me listen to podcasts.  I can't even listen to my favorite, the Tony Kornheiser Show, because I don't like listening to news 1 day late.  If you don't think its good for the station to let people listen to the podcasts like above, embedded, you are nuts.

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