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DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, June 28, 2012

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This Week's Entry Was Written By Nats Cleatchaser Sandra @NatsGirl19
Confessions Of A Cleat-Chaser

"Cleatchaser". You may have heard this name slapped on one of us crazy baseball chicks and wondered what it means. Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like - we love the team and especially the players and sometimes we even actively pursue a certain player ... (no hints)

Yeah, we're a little like stalker-groupies. So now that you know what a cleat-chaser is, let me introduce myself as one of the biggest Washington Nationals cleat-chasers around! My name is Sandra. I watch every Nats game possible. I live-tweet games.  I'm in love with a few players.  I'm pretty much the definition of "obsessed". Except in a good way. 

You may be curious to know what I'm writing about today. Well, I decided to share what I see and do when I watch baseball. So here goes. 

My pre-game ritual is always the same, I toss on my red, white and blue Michael Morse jersey.  I grab my iPhone, and turn on the pre-game show. Somehow I always manage to forget chips and dip, which is my typical Nats game snack. Get up, grab snack, come back, and get pumped for the game.  (Sometimes I think I get more pumped than the players)

When the game starts I go straight to the Tweeter to let everyone know how adorable Harper looks today (I do that a lot) or how awesome a certain player is playing. My favorite games are when Gio is pitching, because he's such a joy to watch! Come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

If you were to watch me while I watch Nationals baseball you would probably be able to tell what kind of emotion is brewing. If the Nats are doing something good, I'm bouncing up and down with joy, but if it's the other way around, it's probably a mix between frustration and hope. I always believe they will be able to make up for anything bad they do. 

As a self proclaimed cleat-chaser, what I see in the other team is not necessarily enemies (even when it comes to the Phillies, who I hate with a passion), but a group of (usually) nice/nice-looking people who play an awesome game for their job. 

Typically I analyze the opposite team's players and decide if I like them or not based on their looks and the way they play. Yes, shallow, I know, but don't forget who I am. I'm a cleat-chaser. This is what I do. 

When it's our turn to bat I am usually overcome with excitement because, of course, MASN always has awesome close ups on the players' faces. I love being able to see their expressions as they bat and trying to memorize their stance. I watch them swing and try to duplicate it when I play my own sport, softball. Sometimes I have nevermind.

When someone hits a home run, you could hear my cries of "WHOO! YES!" all the way at Nationals Park. When I'm actually at Nationals Park, I bet that even the players can hear my jubilant screaming. 

Sometimes I wonder why I even rate the players. I keep the results in my brain as it would be too embarrassing if it were written on paper and found by anyone I know. That's when I get really shallow, rating their faces and, er, other things...

But don't worry 'm not your stereotypical cleat-chaser. I am a real fan as well, not just someone who watches to see the 'hot guys'.  I may do it on occasion as an "added benefit" but I really enjoy the game of baseball.

And unlike some cleat-chasers I know, I'm not a fair-weather fan. I stay through the whole game and cheer loudly even when it doesn't seem like they have a chance.
Thanks for reading the thoughts of a cleat-chasing Nats girl...

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