Fan Poll: Strasburg At The All-Star Game

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 18, 2012

Last week: we asked you which Nationals player you would like to have hitting in the clutch.  Bryce Harper was the overwhelming choice getting over 50% of the vote.  Ian Desmond picked up another almost 25%.  However we say Bryce with several chances in the 14 inning game against the Yanks to be clutch and he didn't come through.  Would you still go with Harper?

The All-Star game is coming up in less than a month and with the Stras-Tracker on full blast towards 160 innings, a very important decision may have to be made by the organization.  This decision has been discussed all year long but as the Mid-Summer Classic nears, will the Washington Nationals tell Strasburg that he is prohibited from pitching in this great baseball tradition?

If things go smoothly for the next month, the final game before the All-Star game will be pitched by the third slot in the rotation, Jordan Zimmermann.  Strasburg is currently set for the Friday before the game, giving him just 3 days of rest.  The All-Star game is just 1 inning of work, but what will the rest factor have on the team's decision?

Also, if the rotation were to somehow change with a rainout or by sitting out someone an extra start, then Strasburg could end up pitching the Sunday before the Mid-Summer Classic and would most likely not be able to pitch.

The Nationals have Strassy on an innings limit and the way the Nats season is going, every inning may be extremely important.  Should they let him pitch in a "meaningless" game and knock off an essential inning from the pennant chase?  Should they make him sit out to save the inning?  Will they have a discussion with Stephen or will they just flat out tell him he can't?  Will there be a controversy?

The Nationals may be doing some dances to get a few rainouts that will cause Strasburg to be on the mound on the Sunday before the game, eliminating the controversy.  A bit of a stretch would be skipping a Strasburg start to ensure he pitched that day, but I wouldn't put it past the Nats.

Do You Want To See Strasburg Pitch In The All-Star Game

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