Don't Call Me Maybe, Yanks Win Opener

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, June 15, 2012

Yankees 7, Nats 2

After a huge standing ovation, Derrick Jeter hit a bases loaded grounder to Ian Desmond who proceeded to toss the ball past the firstbaseman scoring 2 runs.  The crowd at Nats park chanted "Jeter, Jeter" (Yeah I said Nats Park) as the Yankees added insurance runs to the scoreboard.  After it was all said and done the gloating Yankees fans left the ballpark with a 7-2 win over the Nationals.

Also, Bryce Harper walked up to the plate with Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" song...WTF

Gio Gonzalez pitched very well, striking out 8 hitters.  His pitch count was high and he had way too many full counts, which led to him exiting the game early, with 0 outs in the 7th.  But Phil Hughes had an even more impressive game striking out 9 batters and only allowing 1 run, which helped the Yanks win.

After the Yanks scored 2 in the 3rd inning, the Nats answered with a Morse bases loaded single to cut the Yanks lead to 2-1.  The game got boring after that, both pitchers on cruise control.  Gio went 9 straight and Hughes went 10 straight.

Then the 7th inning happened.  Gio tried to start, but he gave up a single to the lead batter and was done after 109 pitches. Lidge came in (Brad Lidge?  yes) before you knew it the bases ended up loaded and all  of a sudden the Yankees were up 6-1.  Lidge was charged with 3 runs.  Awful.

The bullpen has been great all year with 2 exceptions.  H-Rod and Lidge.  But Davey went with Brad in the clutch situation.  It was not much of a surprise to watch Lidge walk off the mound and into the dugout after a one run lead grew to 3.

After the 7th inning, Nats Park turned into Yankees Stadium South, with very loud ovations for Yankees big plays and several very audible "Let's Go Yankees!" chants.  Annoying, but you gotta play good baseball at home.

Granderson tacked on a homer in the 9th...Nats got a run in the bottom...Nats Lose 7-2

Interleague play doesn't hurt too much in the standings, but it hurts in my heart...The Nats try again tomorrow...

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