Battle of the Beltways: Lets Be Friends

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, June 8, 2012

The next two weeks are going to be rough.  We have to play against the Phillies, Pirates, Braves, and Mets.  This stretch of games could make or break the team.  Oh...did I mention I was talking about the Orioles?  That's right everyone, interleague baseball is upon us and Nat's and O's are switching places for the next couple of weeks.

Here We Go Again...
The second half of the Battle of the Beltways will take place two Fridays from now in Orioles Park at Camden Yards.  Last time the Nationals and Orioles met the O's took 2 games in Washington.  You can bet that the Nat's will be out for a little revenge this time around in Baltimore.  But hey, lets hold up on that for a second and take a look at where things stand for each team.

First Place for Everyone!
The Orioles are in first place.  The Nationals are in first place.  So neither team is worse the wear from their first meeting.  This is not the time for players and fan-bases to be worrying about each other because both teams are fighting for their first place lives everyday.  A bad series for either team could be enough to not only knock them out of first place, but send them hurtling towards 5th place.  Yikes, no pressure!

One Big Happy Family?
Remember during the first Beltways Battle how MASN combined the O's and Nat's broadcast crews so they could talk about how happy they were to be together and how the Baltimore/Washington area should be one big happy baseball family?  Sure it felt forced at times, but if you think about it why can't it be true?  I like both teams.  Why shouldn't I?  Are we really rivals?

We Aren't Rivals...
Anybody who says the O's and Nat's are rivals doesn't understand the meaning of the word.  Rivalries start when teams hate each other based on a history of meaningful games between them.  Frankly, who cares if the O's sweep the Nat's or vice-versa if both teams find themselves in last place at the end of the season.   When the O's and Nat's become perennial contenders then we can talk rivalry, but right now both teams are just fighting to be playing meaningful baseball games in September.

You Help Me, I'll Help You?
Before the Nat's and O's face each other, they will have to face all of the others' actual division rivals.  So hey, why not help each other out.  O's fans...lets go out and show some NatitudeNat's fans...lets embrace a little Orioles' magic.  Even if you truly hate the other team for some reason, during the next four series the Orioles and Nationals really should be one big happy family.

See You in October! 
So lets hope each team goes on a 12 game winning streak.  That way when we get to the next iteration of the Battle of the Beltways the O's and Nat's will comfortably be sitting in first place and we can get back to our little local area "rivalry".  If we help each other out here and each team keeps doing what they've been doing, the next Beltways Battle could happen in October!

This is for You O's Fans:

Lets Here This Around DC Nat's Fans:

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