Series Preview: Nationals @ Reds

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, May 11, 2012

So as I'm writing this the Nat's are in the midst of a 3 game losing skid.  Hopefully the team rights the ship tonight behind Strasburg.  Hopefully the offense puts up some runs, but with the way the lineup has been playing of late, not likely.  After tonight's game, the Nat's will start a weekend series against the Reds in Cincinnati.  The Reds are ahead of the Pirates in the NL Central and we are all seeing how well the Nats handled those guys...

  • Friday: 7:10 PM, Gonzalez (3-1) vs Leake (0-4).
  • Saturday: 7:10 PM, Zimmermann (1-3) vs Latos (2-2). *Capitals playoff game 7:30 PM
  • Sunday: 1:10 PM, Jackson (1-1) vs Arroyo (2-1).
Game to watch is definitely Friday.  If Strasburg can't break the team's losing steak you can look for Gio to do just that.  The Red's pitcher Leake hasn't won a game yet this season, largely due to the fact that he can't stop giving up home-runs.  With the Nat's entire lineup just going up to the plate and trying to hit a homer..going up against Leake is the perfect storm.

Your sound for the series comes from an Ohio band, The Black Keys.  Lonely Boy is quite appropriate for the National's current situation:

Well I'm so above you and it's plain to see but I came to love you any way...
 Bryce Harper...Strasburg...heck most of our starting pitchers this season have a right to feel this way.

So you pulled my heart out and I don't mind bleedin' any old time you keep me waiting, waiting, waiting
The team is pulling all of our hearts out as we sit around and hope they remember how to hit.

oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting

We all got to be patient and wait out this slump.  Keep in mind we still hold first place.

I'm a lonely boy, I'm a lonely boy
It must be lonely up on that pitching mound knowing you won't be getting any run support.  It must be lonely to be Bryce Harper with guys like Werth and Morse out of the lineup.  It REALLY must be lonely to by H-rod, who has 2 blown saves in his last 5 attempts.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, those lyrics seem to be depressing.  How is that song suppose to pump my up for the coming series?  Well...that is what the dancing guy in the music video is for!

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