Nats Bustin' Loose Against The Pirates

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nationals 7, Pirates 4

It was $5 Beer & Peanuts night at Nats Park and the fans got a good deal both in the concessions as well as on the field.  Gio Gonzalez pitched another great one as the Washington Nationals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0 on a beautiful Wednesday Night in DC.  The 10 strikeout, 4 hit, 3 run performance combined with a little offense helped the Nats leapfrog over the Braves and back into first place in the division.

It was also Military Appreciation Night, the Nats donning their American Flag Curly W jerseys (much cooler than Camouflage).  So can we start a read outloud U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! chant.  Thank you troops!  And to a way way way lesser extent, thank you Nats for the W!

The Nats Bats were Fat.  LaRoche, Desmond, and Nady each hit home runs as Bustin' Loose played in the background.  Bryce Harper picked up his first major league triple on a near-miss homer in the 1st inning as well.  And the big hit was a bases loaded bases clearing double by LaRoche in the 7th.

There was some semi-surprising news.  Henry Rodriguez came in for the save with a 3 run lead.  I'm not sure if he gets in there if the lead is 1.  But he picked it up without allowing a run...his 9th.

And your FP Santangelo quote of the night.  When discussing the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, a baseball team that took on that name after several of the players got married one year, FP had an idea for what a current baseball team would be called:  "The Whatever City Divorced Guys".
Next up for the Nats is the 2nd of the mini-series with the Rats on Thursday...Battle of the Beltways starts on Friday...

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