Hamels Avoids the Sweep

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 Nationals 1, Phillies 4

The Nationals couldn't sweep the Phillies with Hamels on the mound tonight.  He cruised through 8 innings giving up only 4 hits.  The Nats really only threatened to score twice: once in the 6th inning where Espinosa got thrown out by a mile trying to score and once when Flores hit a lead off triple in the 8th, but nobody got him home.  Both instances were unacceptable in my opinion.

On the flip side, E-Jax struggled with control early in the game and didn't have an "easy" inning till the 4th.  He managed to give up only 3 runs despite basically pitching with guys on base all night long.  Harper was a bright spot in the field, making a handful of nice plays and barely missing a diving catch that would have saved a run.  The Nats had very few chances to score tonight and they couldn't take advantage of any of them.

H-rod was brought into the 9th inning in a "no pressure" situation.  The first batter he face was walked as he proceeded to throw 2 wild pitches past Flores.  Flores threw out a would be steal attempt to get Henry an out, but he wouldn't get out of the inning before giving up a homerun.  FP said Henry needed to "face the beast".  Tonight the beast won.

Papelbon came into close out the game for the Phillies even though it wasn't a close situation.  After getting the first out, LaRoche spoiled the shutout with a homerun.  Paps then settled down and ended the game 4-1.

Nat's get the day off tomorrow before a big series against the Braves.

Questions of the Night:
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  1. Pitching coach Steve McCatty said that H-rod WOULD be a closer again, probably before Soren gets healthy.  Is McCatty completely insane or only mostly?
  2. Trade idea: The Orioles could send Kevin Gregg, who has been  vocal about wanting to close,  to the Nationals for H-rod.  Just, you know, don't pay any attention to those 7 blown saves he had last season. Yes or no to this trade? 

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  1. No No NO NO NOOOOO Gregg been blowing saves since he was on my fantasy baseball team like 5 years ago. H-Rod just needs glasses maybe