Hey, It's Only Spring Training

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, March 30, 2012

After the initial of excitement of switching my fan-loyalties to the Nationals died down I began to worry.  Had I made the right choice?  I needed some reassurance.  If only there was some easy way to compare the two teams...

O look it's the Grapefruit League!

The O's and Nat's are both in it so I'll just take a look at the standings and...

Orioles: 11-11, 8th place.
Nationals: 10-14, 11th place.

Uhh what?

Its alright.  Its only spring training. This doesn't REALLY mean anything.


Clearly, I'm going to have to run some numbers here.

Spring AL EAST:                     Spring NL EAST:
Blue Jays: 22-4                         Marlins: 10-11
Yanks: 13-11                             Philies: 12-14
Red Sox: 12-11                         Nats: 10-14
O's: 11-11                                 Braves: 9-15
Rays: 8-16                                Mets: 7-16

Well that makes me feel a lot better.  The Nats would be right in the thick of things if this was the regular season. On top of that they are only 5 games back from being the best team in the NL this spring.

Maybe the O's should follow my lead and switch over to the NL?

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