FP Homerism Reaches New Heights

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I love FP but I have to post this because there has to be a limit on homerism in a blowout game. The Nationals trailed 9-1 in the top of the 3rd inning. Nats announcer FP Santangelo had some interesting super homerism to lay on the viewers...some quotes:

"Nats were down 7-0 here last year in August they came back to make it 7-6, Anthony Rendon lined out to center field, put a good at bat on em"

-FP talking about a game the Nationals LOST...not only that he called it the turning point of the season...I like how he added that it was a good at bat...an out though.

"If they score 1 run an inning from here on out and they hold the Braves it will be 9-8"

-FP talking about something very difficult to do, and also a scenario in which the Nationals still LOSE the game

"I like what I just saw right there!"

-FP applauding the Nats for high fiving Denard Span in the dugout after they cut the lead to 9-2. I guess a "morale" victory.

"That got me out of my seat!"

-FP super excited about a Bryce Harper hit that was 20 feet foul...Harper struck out on the next pitch to end the inning.

The Nats can still win this ballgame. I'm with FP and I won't give up. However, I like to remain a bit more realistic. Go NATS!

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