Wedding Shows Up To Nats Game, Groom Wearing Jayson Werth Shirsey

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, September 27, 2014

Of course she was!!!! She let him go to the Nats game! (or was it vice versa)

What better place to hold your wedding reception than Nats Park? That was a rhetorical question. There IS NO BETTER PLACE (In the there is no wrong pipe voice) than with baseball in the background. Just ask this couple who got married earlier in the day then showed up to the ballgame, bride still wearing her dress and groom appropriately dressed in a Jayson Werth shirsey.

The couple tried to get Jayson Werth's attention to have him throw them a ball between innings but the bearded one did not oblige.  Booooooo!

And another shot of the happy Natty couple:


  1. She absolutely is WERTH it. Writing from Puerto Rico and astonished at all the publicity. Thanks for adding to the treasure trove of wedding day memories.

    And fwiw, we were a little disappointed in not getting a ball; we even tried 139 overhanging the pen, but Craig Stammen was having NONE of that.

  2. Yeah! Send them a signed ball & jerseys too! ;)

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