Jayson Werth Meets Nats Fan Gnome, Pulls His Beard

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, September 8, 2014

On Monday night, during the Nats game against the Braves, Nationals super fan @TracyTran went to Nats Park in full Jayson Werth Gnome outfit. The occasion was a special Social Media night at the ballpark, and several fans were selected to go down on the field and participate in some pregame activities. The gnome was one of those lucky fans and during warm ups he walked over and encountered his human alter ego, Jayson Werth.  And of course Werth did this:

As you can see, Werth tugs on his beard. No word if the gnome returned the favor to Werth. Later in the game, Tran was voted Fan Of The Game, beating out 2 children. Lol.

Earlier in the day on the way to the game, the gnome offered a free Nats ticket to anyone who found him at Whole Foods and bought him a Ramos burger.

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