Tyler Clippard Sporting DC Designed Socks For All Star Game

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking to get in on those stylish socks that Washington Nationals relief pitcher Tyler Clippard is wearing for tonight's All-Star game? Well look no farther than DC based company, Lineup. This is the place to get custom socks based on your city, in our case DC. Here's a sample of what they have in their Fall 2013 collection:

The company has styles for Wizards fans, Caps fans, Skins fans, University of Maryland fans, and DC United fans. And they only run you $14.

The socks have been around for a while, but tonight, after Nats Insider Mark Zuckermann tweeted Clippard wearing them for his all star appearance, the internet demanded to know more.

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