Elaine From Seinfeld In The Nats Presidents Race, As Veep, Loses

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Seinfeld is one of the best shows ever.  At one point in my life I was in love with Elaine Benes, and I guess sort of in a way with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  I also enjoy watching Veep on HBO.  However, the idea of putting a human TV character from a show that people barely watch in the president's race makes me say WTF.

But that is exactly what took place at the Nationals game on Tuesday night at Nats Park.  Before the game the giant Selina Meyer from Veep was walking around the ballpark and the following signs were being passed out:

Tweeted by @HoldenKushner

Several fans were unaware that the Nats were going to do this, completely puzzled when they saw the neighbor from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation walking around with a giant head.

What's next?  A giant Murphy Brown?  Sam & Diane from Cheers fighting and knocking over Teddy?  Alf?  Wait, we actually want to see Alf.

Some fans are upset about the commercialization of the race too.  Here is Elaine in action...She lost in a relay race format:

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Check out Let Teddy Win for video later (I assume)


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  1. Hey guys, I knew what was going on! Did you really think I would have guessed that was Julia Louis-Dreyfus if I didn't know in advance? I just thought it was supremely weird in person. -- EmGusk