Charlie Sheen Puts Joey Votto of the Reds On Acid

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yeah, this is a Nats blog, but we also enjoy baseball and maniacs.  That is why we are bringing you some of the latest Charlie Sheen photos that he posted on Twitpic.

He describes the theme as "Joey Votto on Acid" although it could probably be better described as "Charlie Sheen on Acid".  Take a look:

The adventures of 
Cincinnati Reds MVP 
1st Baseman
Joey Vott... on Twitpic JVotto Part 2:

Joey Votto still trippin;
At a clinic because... on Twitpic
and then;
the panic sets in...

#MeltyFace on Twitpic 'nam flashbacks;

all of it....

hash tag "Platoo... on Twitpic JVotto steadies himself.
effects of the acid
still intact
we ... on Twitpic

To be read with the images, from right to left...

The adventures of 
Cincinnati Reds MVP 
1st Baseman
Joey Votto!!

By Charlie Sheen

Part I: Joey Votto On Acid

"(1) Doooooood"

Part II: Joey Votto Still Trippin'

"(2) At a clinic because he can't remember the team doctor's name...(3) and then...panic sets in...(4) 'Nam flashbacks...all of it...Platoon 2"

"(5) Votto steadies himself...effects of the acid still intact...we see him plotting his next move.....Heat 3"


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  1. This is f'ing brilliant & genius of the Charlie Sheenius!
    I'm printing this gold out on my printer now!