Home Field Advantage, Columbus Day, And How The MLB Screws The Nats

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, October 8, 2012

This is a personal rant, written by Chris C-Ford as a fan...

The Nats are heading into game 3 at home on Wednesday already at a disadvantage.  The team has already started their playoff series on the road for 2 games.  And now, the people at MLB or Fox or TBS or whoever makes the playoff schedule (aka getting the Yankees in primetime) have put the Nationals (best record in MLB) at home against the Cardinals (barely squeaked in as an extra wild card) game at 1pm. (Or so it says on MLB)

Are you kidding me?

Monday is Columbus day, and out of everywhere in the entire country, the Washington DC area has the most people who are missing work Monday for the government holiday.  That means there are only 4 days of work. And that means that there is more work to do than usual.  Anyone who has taken a day off knows this.

So MLB expects people to miss work on a Monday, and then still take off on Wednesday in order to watch the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL play a home playoff game.  It is absolute BS and not fair at all to a team who worked hard and took home the #1 seed.

This is bizarre, insane, and of course a conspiracy involving the New York Yankees.  So eat it MLB!

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