Game Preview: Home Run Derby!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 9, 2012

Homerun Derby
8:00 PM Kauffman Stadium

  • Jose Bautista: 26 HR
  • Robinson Cano: 20 HR (defending champion)
  • Prince Fielder: 12 HR (former champion)
  • Mark Trumbo: 20 HR
  • Carlos Beltran: 20 HR
  • Carlos Gonzalez: 20 HR
  • Matt Kemp: 12 HR
  • Andrew McCutchen: 16 HR
Stadium Stats:
  • Kauffman Stadium is 330 down the both lines, 375 in left and right field, and 400 dead center.
  • Right Handed Batter homeruns up 10% and Left Handed Batter Homeruns down 10% in last 3 seasons.
  • More Park Stats
Pick em:
  1. Smart Money: Carlos Gonzalez.
  2. Gut Feeling: Mark Trumbo.
  3. Dark Horse: Andrew McCutchen.
Personally I'd love to see either Trumbo or McCutchen win this thing.  I'm a little disappointed Giancarlo won't be in the derby, was really looking forward to watching that guy crush the ball.  Guess Kemp does the worst...since he is injury and all.

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