Weekly Player Pick'em

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 11, 2012

 Last Week's Result:  Chris Won.
  • Dru:  Steven Lombardozzi "the man who never strikes out", went 1 for 14, had 0 RBIs and struck out a bunch.  He didn't even play in 2 of the 3 games against the Red Sox!   
  • Chris: Tyler Clippard recorded 4 saves over the course of the week.  He owned Boston and crushed any hopes of me winning this week.

This week we will have to contend with a new challenger entering the race...

Chris:  Ryan Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is having a blah year.  Every game the announcers say he is starting to "heat up" but he really isn't.  But I'm going with him because of the 3 game home series against the Yankees.  That is going to be his series, and it is going to lead me to victory again.

Dru:  Danny "No Beard" Espinosa.  I've been a harsh critic of Espinosa's and his tendency to strikeout all the time, but this week I just have a good feeling about him.  Maybe it's his ability to make ridiculous plays in the field.  Maybe it's because his bat came to life during the Boston series.  Maybe it's because he shaved his beard.  All I know is, this week I am all aboard the Espinosa band-wagon!

Camilla:  Jesus "Jeus" Flores.  Camilla is picking Jesus this week because he's a catcher and she likes catchers.  Also Jesus is cool.  She doesn't seem worried that Flores didn't get a single hit against Boston last series.  She is only starting to learn about baseball, but she will probably end up winning.

Chris: 1
Dru: 0
Camilla: 0

Think you could do better?  Leave a comment or send us a tweet and maybe YOU can be the one beating us next week.

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