Nationals Fans I'm Proud Of You

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, June 10, 2012

This post is a response to this article (the post makes more sense if you read it).  The author talks about being disappointed that Nats fans aren't stuffing ballot-boxes with undeserving players.  It is meant to be in good fun.

I'm proud, Nationals fans.

Proud of you.

Here we sit, only a month away from this year's All-Star game and when I look at the current votes, no Nationals players are above fifth at their respective position.

I'd nod my head in approval if it didn't make me favorite random tweets.

Unfortunately, there is still time to send your favorite (notice I said favorite and not deserving) Nationals players to the National League starting roster for this year's festivities in KC.

Results are here, and it is completely indicative of the individual performances of these specific players on a first place team.

Adam LaRoche is the closest to "earning" a starting spot.  His .258 batting average makes him the 8th best hitting first baseman in the National League.  He does lead 1B with RBI's though.  Deservingly so, Joey Votto is running away with the selection, batting 100 points higher than LaRoche.  But hey, you should vote for LaRoche, despite the stats...Not.

After LaRoche, no Nats player cracks the top 5 at his position.  Once again, makes perfect sense.  None of the players individual performances have really been worthy of a starting position in the All-Star game.  I am proud of Nats fans for being baseball fans, and not stuffing the ballot with votes for Michael Morse who has played in like 8 games.

Remember, you're not limited to just one vote.  Go vote up to 25 times...For players that deserve to be All-Star starters.  So get clicking and help flood KC with some great individual baseball players next month!


The Nationals are a very good team.  On any given night one particular player can step up and help lead the team to victory.  What I just stated is the reason the Nats are in first.  They are a team.  They are a combination of players who work together well and who step up when they are needed.

However, when looking at individual performances, and considering the voting is for the STARTING positions in the All-Star game, the Nats are lucky to have guys in the top 10.  I hate it when guys like Yao Ming make starting rosters after playing 0 games.  Don't be a homer and stuff the ballot.  Be a baseball fan and send the right guys to the All-Star game.

If you want to read more of my ranting against all-star voting, the dumbest thing in pro sports, you can read here.

All that being said, I just voted in Bryce Harper 25 times...

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